Saturday, 30 May 2015

I've started a blog.

So, I’ve started a blog.  I’ve started a blog because, every once in a while, thoughts come into my mind that I think others might find interesting, which are too small for a journal article and too big for a Facebook post.

Postings on this blog will be sporadic.  I make no pledge to update regularly.

Comments policy:  If you have something interesting to say about any of the posts, something to add, or if you disagree with something I or another commenter has said, please comment.  I’ll be moderating, of course; unmoderated comments threads fill up with spam or worse.  The main rule is: comments must be on topic, and be respectful.   Feel free to disagree with me or with others, but explain your reasons, and treat everyone as if they are intelligent people sincerely trying to understand.  I will be strict about this.  If you find yourself irritated by something another commenter has said, or if you start to suspect that one of your interlocutors is an idiot, incompetent, insincere, or just trolling, then it’s time to stop engaging with that person; you’ve got better things to do than fighting with an idiot on the internet.  And, except in cases in which confidentiality is warranted by the subject matter, your comments should be signed with your real name.

I expect that most of the posts will be about politics or science or philosophy or some combination of those.  The first post was on politics (and if you are an academic who hasn’t yet signed the anti-muzzling petition, please do so).  Next week there will be a guest post by Heather Douglas, about the CBC Ideas series, Science Under Siege.  If I get around to it, I’ll do something soon, as a follow-up to my post about the EPR paper two weeks ago on the Rotman Institute blog, about Bohr’s reply to EPR.

Those are the sorts of things I’ll be posting about.  Welcome to my blog!

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