Thursday, 3 January 2019

Actual philosophers talking about particle physics

In yesterday's Backreaction post, Sabine Hossenfelder takes on a paper by Bernardo Kastrup that argues for a form of panpsychism. Neither panpsychism nor Kastrup will receive any defense from me. What interests me is the way she summarizes her post at the end:
Summary: If a philosopher starts speaking about elementary particles, run.
Now, some people enjoy ridiculing philosophers who talk about things they don't understand. Those who want to engage in it will surely be disappointed to learn that Kastrup is not a professional philosopher. According to his website, his Ph.D. is in computer engineering. He lists no affiliation with any academic department of philosophy (though he does say that he has worked at CERN and at the Philips Research Laboratories).

This may leave readers wondering what sorts of things actual professional philosophers say when they talk about particle physics. If you're interested, I have two suggestions.

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